my name is Jan Mrázek, but nearly everyone calls me Honza. I am a programmer from the Czech republic, who (at least tries to) do more than just a programming – I like my projects having solid theoretical foundations and my personal projects are usually a combination of hardware and software.

My school life

I am a masters student at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. I work at the ParaDiSe laboratory on the DIVINE and the SymDIVINE model checkers. I also teach several seminar groups of courses IB015: Non-Imperative Programming and IV003: Algorithms and Data Structures II. I am also a co-author of the new KSI, which is an annual on-line computer science course for high school students. To complete the list, I help to hold InterLos, InterSob and K-SCUK. All of these events are organized by people from Spolek přátel severské zvěře.

My out-of-school life

In my free time I get fascinated with electronics, engineering and technology in general. I have built many electronic gadgets to ease and complicate my life or just to have fun. Many of these projects are poorly documented, however I am gradually making it better – I founded a personal blog, where I write about my projects and gained experiences. Also many of my new project can be found on my GitHub and my YouTube channel.

I design and build robots with my friends from Robotika Brno. Our robot Aranka has won RoboticDay. We also try to spread and share our know-how at RoboCamps.

When I was at I high school, I wrote two thesis for SOČ – one about DIY build of wind turbine based on solid physical foundations and calculations; the second one about a design of a control system for a CNC machine, where I focused on non-trivial dynamics of the motions.

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