Step-by-step Guide On Perfect Bed Adhesion and Elephant Foot Removal in UVTools 3

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A while ago, I presented my finding on why the prints do not stick to the build plate and why is there an elephant foot formed on resin printed models. Then I made a follow-up post where I presented a plugin for UVTools that automates the process. However, a few months passed, UVTools 3 was released, and the script stopped working. Fortunately, the functionality I presented was built into the UVTools. Since I frequently receive questions on how to use it, I decided to write this short “how to” guide.

Using suggestions to add rest times in UVTools 3

I assume that you have already UVTools downloaded. Adding rest times is hidden under the suggestions tab. The suggestions are a set of semi-automatic sanity checks of your file. When they detect unusual settings, they allow you to fix them. The usage is simple, follow the image guide:

Supported file formats

This method works well on CTBv4 format that is supported by most of the Chitu-powered printers on the market. It doesn’t, unfortunately, work on Anycubic devices as they don’t support per-layer settings. Also, note that if you use Lychee slicer, the default output format is CTBv2. Change it CTBv4 to use this method.

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