JLCParts Rising From The Ashes

About 2 years ago I started a small and dirty project – a new catalog for the search engine for the components that JLC PCB provides for their assembly service. The motivation was really personal — I liked the dirt-cheap assembly service, but finding the suitable components for my projects was really painful. So I created JLCParts – a browser-only alternative component catalog that doesn’t need any sophisticated backed. It is just served as a static page.

However, on March 7 2022 I was forced to shut down the service. As of today, March 21 2022 it is back operational and working again. What happened? Who to blame? TLDR: Blame no one; the whole shutdown thing is just a misfortunate result of miscommunication and my service operating in a pretty dark grey area of what is legal. There was no bad faith from JLC PCB nor LCSC, just poor communication. Details below.

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