Making Elegoo Saturn 2 Silent

In my review of Elegoo Saturn 2 I mentioned that Elegoo Saturn 2 is very loud and the noise is unpleasant. The good news is that the silencer kits I make for Saturn 1 work with Saturn 2. In this blog post, I will show you how to install them.

Saturn 2 uses two 50mm fans powered by 24 V. The combination of size and 24V rating is extremely rare. You cannot find any quiet fans in this form (at least in Europe). There is only the SilentiumPC Zephyr 50. These fans are of high quality in my experience and are nearly unhearable (the manufacturer claims 18 dBA). However, Silentium fans require a 12V power supply. If you connect such fans to a 24 V supply, in the better case, they won’t be silent (as they will spin much faster), but also you will significantly shorten their life or immediately burn them. Therefore, you need to step down the voltage to 12V. If you are not afraid of soldering, you can do it quite easily. However, if you cannot solder or you want to support my work, you can use my silencer kits.

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